The Spy Behind Home Plate is a documentary about Moe Berg, an enigmatic Jewish catcher during baseball’s Golden Age who joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to spy for the U.S. on the Nazis’ atomic bomb program.

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Office of Strategic Services established

On June 13, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Throughout the Second World War, this wartime intelligence agency operated in every theater (albeit minimally in the Pacific), collecting and analyzing information as the nation’s first centralized intelligence service. Read More

Film Threat Review of “The Spy Behind Home Plate”

Most people are nesters. They wiggle and squirm through life until they find a nice warm spot to burrow their heads in. For work, it’s as simple as finding something reliable that doesn’t make you completely miserable—a little misery is expected. Moe Berg wasn’t most people. He was an all-star baseball player, a published writer, […]

2022 Early Baseball Era Committee Candidate: Lefty O’Doul

While traveling to Japan with a group of All-Stars in 1931, he became engrossed with spreading the game, soon writing a manual for teaching the fundamentals of baseball to Japanese players, and serving as a goodwill ambassador both before and after World War II in addition to his duties managing in the PCL. Though he […]